Mohamed Reyad
Acting • 1970-04-25, Egypt •
السيرة الذاتية

Muhammad Muhammad Reyad studied Chemistry then graduated from the High Institute of Dramatic Arts. “Al-‘aaela i.e. The family”, “Ameera men Abdeen i.e. A princess from Abdeen”, “Lan a’eesh fee gelbaab aby i.e. I will not live in my father’s robe”, “Al-dow’ al-shaared i.e. The stray light”, “Rodd kalby i.e. My heart is back”, “Ebn Hazm”, “Nesf Rabee’ al-aakhar i.e. Rabee’s other half”, “Dedd al-tayyaar i.e. Against the trend” and “Behaar al-ghorba i.e. Expatriation seas” are among the TV roles he excelled in. He also participated in the stage play “Al-okhwa al-andaal i.e. Brothers bastards”. Muhammad is married to actress Rania Mahmoud Yasseen.

الافلام والمسلسلات

مسلسلاتي بالعربي

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